Blood Bank Guy (a.k.a. "BBGuy") is the online teaching personality of Joe Chaffin, MD, who creates educational content "to help anyone who wants to learn the essentials of blood banking and transfusion medicine." has existed since 1998, and at the end of 2016, went through a major rebrand. Due to the imagery-heavy layout of the new website (designed by Dr. Chaffin) and his decision to move toward a digital/social media-focused content strategy, an entirely new library of stock photos was needed.


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I produced the BBGuy photoshoot with Erica Kawamoto Hsu Photography, creating the shotlist and scheduling locations for a 3-hour shoot. In early 2017, the images went live on the BBGuy website and the social media pages (including Facebook and Twitter).

Photography by: Erica Kawamoto Hsu


see 'em in action

We shot a variety of images to fit a variety of uses - from your basic headshot-style portaits to candid teaching shots to show the Blood Bank Guy in action. Click an image to expand!



graphic design: podcast cover for "BBGuy Essentials"

I used one of BBGuy's favorite images from the photoshoot to redesign the cover of his podcast "BBGuy Essentials." Below are the before and after images of the old and new covers.


Old cover for "BBGuy Essentials"

New cover for 2018, designed by Samantha Chaffin