#WatchMeWrite... "hail the pumpkin king"


You guys. I am finally doing it. I am finally writing it.

And you have no idea what I'm talking about, so here's some background: a year ago, I started throwing together images on a Pinterest board called hail the pumpkin king. There was no rhyme or reason to it, other than that I was living in 100º weather in the middle of October and was missing the cool autumn weather I'd grown up with.

Long story short, it turned into a storyboard. As most things in my life tend to do.

Now, after a year and much harassment from wonderful friends who kept seeing me noncommittally pin more things to the board, I am finally writing it. It's a fairytale about a girl named Winifred and the magical king of autumn who lives in the woods. Happy October.

Sooo. #WatchMeWrite.

My friend and fellow writer/Figmenter E.R. Warren (whose work you should ALL READ) posted this awesome video on her blog the other day. Basically, she recorded herself writing a chapter of her ongoing project, reasoning that if visual artists can make Work-In-Progress videos, so can writers.

I fangirled all over that. As I do. Because it was awesome. Obviously.

It's no secret that writing is a solitary activity. It's rare that we find something that we can do together as writers, short of co-writing a book.

So another long story short, I made a video, too.

I've already shared it on Twitter, but I'm posting it on my blog because a.) I love seeing other writers' processes, and b.) I recorded myself writing an excerpt of "hail the pumpkin king," so if you're at all interested in my WIP, here is a teaser-thing, in which I go berserk over fonts and reveal that I cannot spell "equivocate."

And now I'm gonna tag other people/bloggers shamelessly, partly because I'm excited and nervous and feel basically like (as Miss Warren put it) I've just invited the world to take a good long look at my underwear drawer, but partly because I'm always curious about other writers' processes. Contrary to popular belief, there's no real "right" way to do what we do.

Which is sort of what makes it so crazy.

So without further ado... Watch Me Write "hail the pumpkin king" in full screen and it'll feel like I TOOK OVER YOUR LAPTOP.


I nominate author and blogger Danielle Shipley, and Figgies Lydia Albano, Laina Van Wingerden, Hannah Rachel, Pseudonymus, Jackie S. Falcon, Starflower, Queen of StarlightArabella Starr, and Savannah Cowan. Write or revise, but hit record! (Here's a link to how to record your screen).

If you're a writer, please join in! And if you decide to make a vid, post the link here in the comments. I solemnly swear to fangirl all over you, too.