Publication news: I accidentally wrote nonfiction


Yeshhh I wrote creative nonfiction and I liked it.

Right up until I realized that it was going to be seen by actual people. Like, people who know the people I wrote about. People who are the people I wrote about.

And that is what I get for working late at night when I should, in fact, be sleeping.

But hey, I found out a few weeks ago that by some act of God, I'm getting published again! And neither of these pieces are works of fiction, so I am both excited and nervous to be able to share them. Here goes nothing? Right. Good.

"my grandmother's garden"


For those of you who don't know me personally (hi), my family has been going through a rough patch. My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer right before the 2014 holiday season began, and since then has had two operations, both of which have gone well (in case you were wondering, this doesn't really make it less scary).

this is my grandmother spraying whipped cream into my cousin's mouth. we're just that classy.

this is my grandmother spraying whipped cream into my cousin's mouth. we're just that classy.


I didn't really know how to process the news, when I first heard. Nobody ever tells you that when you get news like this, that somebody who has been there all of your life could suddenly maybe not be anymore... reacting is hard.

So I sort of buried it.

Then about a month ago, I was upstate with my grandma in Santa Rosa, California. It was spring there, and my grandma has just about the greenest thumb on planet earth, so her garden was in full bloom. I used to play on the pathways between her rosebushes when I was little, and I suddenly remembered that, right before we left to drive back to LA.

So while the rest of my family was packing the car, my grandma and I ducked outside for just a few minutes. "My Grandmother's Garden" is the prose poem that came out of those moments together.

You can read "My Grandmother's Garden" now in Germ Magazine.

"how i wrote a novel online"*


Funny story, I actually got approached to write this back in March. The awesome team at Pubslush (a crowdfunding platform solely for authors and publishers) sent me an email asking if I'd be interested in being featured. I work hard at keeping my sh*t together, so naturally I was like, "OMG UM YES IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION OF COURSE."

I pitched a few ideas, and we settled on one we liked the best - which turned out to be a condensed summary of what this blog was about for the first 2 years of its life. How to write serial novels on the Internet (*snorts* like I know).

you really don't, though.

you really don't, though.


The post went live today on Pubslush's blog Fine Lines, and in it are many references, including but not limited to Stephen Sondheim's Into The Woods,The Princess Bride, Neil Gaiman, and my first Figment novel Privateer.

(I'd now like to publicly thank E.R. Warren, Kimberly Karalius, Savannah Finger, and pizza for their oodles of help when I was writing this post.)

You can read "How I Wrote a Novel Online" now on Fine Lines.

*Edit: Publush has since been acquired and closed.