Brown Paper Packages: Sad Animals Edition

Image:    Local Milk

Image: Local Milk


Last month I started a new thing on the blog where I collect a bunch of things that make me happy and post them on the first Monday of the month. Welcome to the July edition of Brown Paper Packages.

This Instagram account, killing me slowly (yes sad animals make me happy. What?).

*frantically thinks of everyone I know who is about to turn 21*

The mother-daughter team behind this project is taking body image to a whole new level.

You are very busy.

Confession: I am an ampersand enthusiast.

Hey L.A. Let's go to the movies this summer.

Speaking of books (weren't we speaking of books?).

Real life advice for the creative working human. This blog is everything.

Dear Humanity, it's probably all downhill from here.

Casually empowering women, my favorite magazine ever.

At your next family reunion, tell them you want to be a writer.


We're all part-mollusk sometimes.

I have just a minor obsession with this song.

How great thou art.

Everybody knows Robin Hood's friend Will Scarlet. Nobody knows that Scarlet is actually a kickass girl who's got the Hood head-over-heels for her. In honor of the recent release of Book 3 in this amazing series, A.C. Gaughen's Scarlet is the Paper Package of the Month.



Hey. Hey you. Share a few of your favorite things in the comments and they just might pop up in next month’s Brown Paper Packages.