The 777 Challenge: an excerpt from "hail the pumpkin king"


A few days ago, I was tagged by the spectacularly talented Christina Im (I'm not even kidding, check out her publishing credits and literary 'zine-running work; little did you know she's actually way cooler than all of us) to do the 777 Challenge.

the challenge: share 7 lines from page 7 of your manuscript + tag 7 bloggers.

Let us first pause to acknowledge the fact that I was so confused about how to interpret the whole "seven lines" thing (seven lines as they appear formatted on the page or seven sentences or dialogue lines or what? Ladies and gentlemen, I present—my brain) that I finally gave up and decided to share seven sentences from the 7th page of my current work-in-progress "hail the pumpkin king."

This is an excerpt from a scene in which the protagonist Winifred Cole begins to have premonitions of disasters to come:

the dreams started the year before my parents died.

i was nine years old when i woke one night screaming. Grandmother hovered in the doorway as i tearfully tried to explain to my mother that there was a fire, with angry red flames that licked the sky and turned the clouds to ash. Mama just cradled me to her, wrapping me tight in my quilt, saying that it was only a dream and there was nothing to fear. all the while, Grandmother stood watching, her expression grave and sad as i’d never seen before.

six months later i had the dream again, but this time i didn’t scream—instead i woke outside, mid-stride, to find i had been running through our pumpkin patch in my sleep. shocked, i tripped over a long vine and landed in the remains of a rotting gourd while over my head, an ivory moon shone bright and full, washing everything in its milky glow.

i nominate...

Aubrey Cann || Danielle Shipley || Mac Ford || Pseudonymous || Reagan Dyer || Susan Francino + Tyler-Rose Counts

**Let me know in the comments if you post a response on your blog!


What do you think of the excerpt I shared? If I didn't tag you, but you want to do the 777 Challenge, post a 7-line/sentence snippet from your current WIP in the comments OR share the link to your response!