Brown Paper Packages: Edition With All The Notebooks


This summer I started a little series on the blog to feature a few of my favorite things at the beginning of the month to brighten your Mondays and mine. This is the August edition of Brown Paper Packages(click here for past editions!). It is also the edition in which I geek out about notebooks, because I love stationary like I love air.

I have spent seventeen thousand hours making goo-goo eyes at these.

Liz and I think you're gold.

Oh look it's another notebook I really want to buy in every color.

As seen on author Marie Lu's Instagram (and toes).

This (and, like, everything else in the store) is giving me grabby hands forever.

And on that note, here's another notebook.

I wasn't droppin' no eaves, sir.

I saw these guys last month on tour with NEEDTOBREATHE and Switchfoot and long story short, hello, new favorite band.

Going somewhere? You're in luck. I've brought you a thing. Happy travels.

Aaand to go along with said thing, this.

I really hate pants.

Can we also just pause and reflect on these real quick.

Shoot her an email and she'll hand-letter a beautiful print just for you.

You had me at 'Victorian Female Batman'. All hail the king.

These notebooks are perfectly patterned and empower women in India. Love.

And this is for all of those notebooks you just purchased and don't know what to do with.

A young court musician with a dangerous secret is the only one who can stop another war between dragons and humans from tearing her kingdom apart. In honor of the brilliant sequel's release a few months ago, the Paper Package of the Month is Rachel Hartman's Seraphina. (YesI'm just gonna keep recommending it until you read it because it's basically the greatest dragon myth since this one.)



Hey. Hey you. Share a few of your favorite things in the comments and they just might pop up in next month’s Brown Paper Packages.