Brown Paper Packages: Edition With All The Mugs


Last year, I started a series on the blog to feature a few of my favorite things on the first Monday of every month. And most people who know me also know that I have a slight (very slight) problem with buying mugs. Yes, mugs. As in, for coffee and tea and other such... beverages... What. anyway, this month's edition of Brown Paper Packages is a list of my favorite mugs because I really just want an excuse to buy more (click here to see all past editions!). 

Girls just wanna be amigas.

Broke-ass writing boss by night, broke-ass nonprofit boss by day. Done.

This gorgeous latte mug is 1) handcrafted by artisans in Tunisia and 2) as big as my face.

Because diner mugs make me feel nostalgic. Also ampersands are pretty.

I like how adult these make me feel.

I also like sloths. A lot.

YOU GUYS I can't get over this mug series help I'm dying.

...yeah okay one more for posterity.

Pretty sure The Created Co. speaks the language of my soul.

Be the Leslie Knope you want to see in the world.

Unashamed that I am probably the last person you want at your party.

Wait, but it's so cute. Also from the only shop that would ever make me consider moving to Minnesota.

...I know you've done it, don't look at me like that.

OMG someone please stop me from buying this. I just. I need it.

You're gonna need a mug of something for this one... In this book, boy meets girl at the top of a bell-tower where both are contemplating jumping. The next 400 pages of witty, sarcastic, beautiful storytelling is what blooms between them as they talk each other off the ledge and back into living. This month's Paper Package of the Month is All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.



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