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Farewell to Figment

I know I haven't been using this space very much recently, but I convinced myself that this was important enough to document online. Excuse me while I have a Very Important Emotion—

At the end of next month, is shutting down.

It's okay if that means nothing to you, but I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that to a group of my friends and I, about seven years ago, it meant everything. 

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Letters to my dead novels

dear dead novel #1,

You were the one.

The one that made me realize I could do it. Really do it. Write a book. A whole book.

You were a few hundred handwritten pages of pure, magical dream-fever. Sure, you were about talking horses running wild in Wyoming. Sure, half of you now lies smudged, faded, and illegible in a drawer because I was too naive to write with a pen and not a pencil. But Novel, I remember the long summer nights we spent together.

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We were on the mountain

If you think it's weird that my blog jumps from October to December, completely skipping November—you clearly didn't read my last post. SEE: I suck at writing sometimes. LOL.

It might also help my cause to say that I finished out November having written 26,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. It's not the 30,000 words I wrote last year. But it's also way more than I was actually expecting to write, considering my full-time job and the church retreat that happened in the middle of the month that left me sans technology and energy.

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Pre-NaNoWriMo: You are not a bad writer

Once again, it is that time of year. This is the week before November. The week during which an entire subset of society cannot be counted on to do anything other than panic. The week before National Novel Writing Month begins.

Every year since I started this blog, I've written a pre-NaNo freakout post. This is this year's.

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Why you should take a poetry class

The last time I blogged, I was in the middle of NaNoWriMo. Then I had a birthday. Then I dropped off the face of the planet. SURPRISE.

I'm done with my second to last semester of college, and I now have some free time which is really, really bizarre. It only took 3.5 months of having every minute of my day scheduled to forget what it's like to... not... have every minute of my day scheduled. I almost don't know what to do with myself. I sit down to write and I'm like, "Well, why do I need to do this NOW? I could write later. I don't have anything going on. I'm clear. I'm Scotch. Tape."

So because of that, I haven't actually touched Cure Me since December 1st.

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A NaNo update and calendar or whatever

Uh, somehow, I have written 10,000 words in 6 days. And I don't know how. And I have no idea what I'm going to write next. All I know is that last November, it took me 17 days to write the same amount of words, and thus I am writing almost 3x as fast and also my brain hurts.

My "plan" for NaNoWriMo this year was to go in totally blind as per usual, but with this resolution in mind: I will not reread what I have written so far. If you'd like to know how that's working out for me, I will tell you that am currently full of loathing for my pre-November self, that semi-sane jerkface who made rules she knew she was going to want to break. CURSE YOU, PAST SELF.

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The Slow Curve

I've kind of been taking a break from writing. Not a huge break. I mean, I was revising Privateer for four months, and I wrote a whole post about how I had to get into a completely different mindset to do that. I give props to people who write new stuff and revise at the same time, because—as I found out when I tried my hand at a couple of short story ideas while in London—it's really hard to divide up your concentration.

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