Women are gold


You guys, I have some incredibly special news today.

For the past several months, my dear friend Kara at McFarlane Photography and I have been working on a super secret project. At the beginning of this year, she introduced me to a retailer based in Cambodia called Penh Lenh - they employ female artisans overcoming trauma and working to build new lives for themselves and their families, and craft the most gorgeous handmade jewelry, apparel, and accessories.

I instantly fell in love with the hearts behind this business; it's so beautiful to me that such painful situations can be redeemed through sisterhood (the word penh lenh means "whole").

When Kara approached me about partnering on a project with them, I was about to start a new full-time job, but honestly, Penh Lenh's mission so resonated with me that I couldn't say no -  what an insane honor to even be asked. 

Months later, here we are with this announcement:

we completely redesigned Penh Lenh's website with all new imagery by McFarlane Photography, and it's live today at www.penhlenh.com!


This is from the Penh Lenh website:

In Khmer, there is a saying, "Men are gold, women are a white cloth," which implies men are strong and cannot be stained or lose their value. While women, like a white cloth, once dirty, are stained forever. [Our products are] designed to challenge this thinking and our artisans are excited to lead the way toward EQUALITY!

I mean, what the heck. How can you not immediately fall in love with them.

✨ To celebrate their launch, Penh Lenh is offering 25% OFF SITEWIDE* with this code: WOMENAREGOLD

*Offer valid through Friday, July 21, 2017. Shop now at www.penhlenh.com!