What do you do, exactly?


I partner with you to develop a website that reflects the brand I know you’ve worked your butt off to grow. I usually work in Squarespace, Wix, or Wordpress, and all my designs are mobile responsive. I also won’t leave you hanging at the end of our work; I’ll always provide you with the guidelines you need to keep your website looking top shelf. Because ghosting isn’t cool.



Hmm... but can you for me?


I’ve worked in digital communications long enough to know that a lot of random and sometimes unpredictable things come up when you’re running a business. And let’s face it, most of those things are details you don’t think about until you needed it done yesterday.

But take a deep breath, because my job is to make your job easier. I have done all of the things you listed and more (especially the thing about book recommendations). The only thing I don’t do is cook. It’s just not my area, tbh. But other than that, we can talk about it.


How much will this cost me?


I work with a range of clients, big and small, and because of this, my rates are calculated per project, depending on your needs and your deadline. I don’t offer pre-priced design packages at this time, so ask me for an estimate on your project today.



What’s your design style like?


I’m in favor of clean, user-friendly design that catches the eye and makes logical sense (don’t you hate it when you have to click thirty times to get to the content you’re looking for?). But from there, it’s up to you! Your website should elevate your brand, not become a reflection of the designer’s style.

Still curious? Check out my latest work here.



How do we get started?


Send me an intro message with the details of your project, your business, and what you're looking for by clicking the button below.