MADE by DWC is a social enterprise created by the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) to break the cycles of chronic homelessness and unemployment. By empowering women to discover talents and develop skills through vocational opportunities, MADE by DWC generates economic and social capital to support programs at DWC and create opportunities for women to overcome barriers to employment.

During the development of MADE by DWC's first eCommerce site in 2015, I provided design recommendations, wrote website copy, and devised the marketing strategy behind the launch.


the homepage

MADE by DWC sells handcrafted products designed and produced by women overcoming homelessness in downtown Los Angeles. The homepage was designed to tell the compelling story behind the product.



I wrote original copy for various products sold on MADE by DWC's website, including candles, soaps, journals, and more.


I led the creation and execution of a coordinated marketing strategy to roll out the new site via email and social media to the existing customer base and to promote the brand to new shoppers.