Westridge School is an independent school for girls in grades 4-12 in Pasadena, CA . Every year at the end of their admissions cycle, Westridge creates a "welcome microsite" to host information for newly accepted students. For the 2018 version, they needed to redesign the existing site and create an exciting new welcome video.

Over the course of two months, I gave Westridge's microsite a girl-power makeover, and I collaborated with the filmmakers from Cardboard Films to edit together a short, student-driven video titled One Thing You Have to Know. The website and video launched March 2018. 


Above: Homepage with parallax scroll and anchor link navigation.


 movement + motion

In updating the site for 2018, there were a number of creative assets I wanted to re-use from a previous year's version of the site, including photography stills and copy. Since my goal was to give the design a fresh, new look while recycling old imagery (I'm all about going green), I selected old student portraits with green backdrops and combined them with new illustrative elements to create a series of GIFs that add movement and motion to the design.


Above: Wireframes for the microsite


video: one thing you have to know...

Upbeat and quirky, this video I produced captures snippets of student life at Westridge by highlighting through student interviews the "one thing you have to know" about the school.

Shot and edited by Cardboard Films.